The game is on again for independent retailers. In August, Statistics SA (StatsSA) revealed that income for tourist accommodation increased by 1 012.4 percent in June. South Africa’s vaccination program is also in hyperdrive with young people queuing around blocks to get the shot. However small retailers will have to do more to welcome back their customer communities and get business from tourists to keep in step with the significant shift in consumer shopping habits. 

For one, consumers are shopping less, according to  McKinsey & Company. They make fewer trips but larger baskets and lists are more important than ever before. On the other hand, with kids back to school and more parents commuting, on-the-go, budget-conscious and immune-boosting meal solutions are becoming more in demand. 

Let’s take a look at perishables. The average neighbourhood store only has capacity for one day’s worth of fresh products. This hardly satisfies the increased demand due to larger shopping baskets or the increased demand for healthier, fresh food. 

The past two years were tough on everybody, and you may be hesitant to take on the cost to adapt to the normal. Adapting to new trends and make sure that food is stored safely necessitates some investment decisions that have their own costs if ignored. Many of our retail clients were affected by Covid on a personal level and decided to do things like upgrade their refrigeration in order to offer more healthy food options in their communities.

At CaterWize we are right here to support you to do what you need to thrive, whether it’s changing your product mix, updating your equipment or differentiating who you are in the community.