Our supermarket island chest freezers are just one more example of how Caterwize brings innovative products with practical features and attractive price points to South African small businesses. 

An island merchandising freezer makes a big difference to a store. Your customers will be able to see all your products clearly. The ergonomic handles on the sliding lids are easy to grasp and makes the chest a breeze to open. 

One thing is certain, your staff will love you for acquiring an island chest freezer like our VS2500. Their workload will be reduced and productivity will increase due to the ease that the freezer can be restocked and smoothed internal corners. 

The single-pane sliding glass lids are made of extremely resilient safety glass that is scratch resistant. The sliding seal in the lid combined with the optimised running surface makes these chest freezers easy and effortless to open. The running surfaces are self-cleaned and can always be opened effortlessly. All appliance components that require regular maintenance are easy to reach and access.

 This freezer really shines when it comes to energy efficiency. It is rated as a Class B freezer in full compliance with South Africa’s  Minimum Energy Performance Standards. 

Last but not least, on a personal level, I like the safety this freezer provides to customers when it comes to certain products. I just saw too many turkeys fall on customers toes when I used to work in retail as a student.