Starting a butchery business is a profitable and highly rewarding venture and is a lucrative business, providing income for thousands of entrepreneurs. Over 250 000 tonnes of meat is consumed every month in South Africa and as incomes rise, meat is becoming more affordable to South African consumers, meaning most meals contain meat. A butchery is a very profitable business to start in South Africa, you will need the correct butchery equipment to get you started.

 Butchery Equipment for A Business

There are quite a number of items needed for the smooth operation of a butchery business. You will require equipment for your butchery and this will depend on the size of your butchery business and the kinds of meat you will be selling. Required equipment includes bandsaw/bone saw, biltong slicers, meat mincers, meat slicers, sausage fillers, patty press’s, display fridges, meat tenderizers, scales, knives etc.

There’s a need for tables (preferably made from stainless steel) where processes like meat cutting, sorting and packing are done. You’ll also need carts, trays or any other means of handling or moving the meat whilst working on it in the butchery. You’ll have to get refrigerators and freezer units (a cold room might come in handy) to keep the meat fresh. Obviously you’ll need a display cabinet for when customers come in – it must be a cold cabinet to also keep the meat fresh whilst on display. The other indispensable pieces of equipment required are scales (both digital and analogue). You must also get various kinds of protective gear such as helmets, goggles, aprons, gumboots and gloves.

Get your supply chain right

They say that your butchery is only as good as the stock you have. This means you should identify farmers or meat suppliers who go through the right production process.  When you have selected the suppliers that you will partner with, you will need to make arrangements for delivering the stock. Remember that meat is a perishable product and can go bad pretty fast. If you do not store the meat under the right temperature, then the meat could end up being unfit for human consumption, and your butchery business will fail.

CaterWize can supply you with the start-up equipment required to get your butchery off the ground and has a proven track record in supplying butcheries across the country. If you would like to find out more about how CaterWize can set you up, speak to CaterWize today to find out more about our products and services we can offer you.