Starting your own take-away business can be the first step towards a lucrative career, but in order to make it a success, you need to have the right kitchen equipment. Without the right tools, you cannot make delicious meals, but for those who are new to the industry, it can be difficult to know where to start.

When you purchase the kitchen equipment for your take-away business, there are some considerations to remember. Think about whether you want to use gas or electricity for your equipment based on your budget, and think about the type of food you want to serve. Some of the most popular take-away foods include hot chips and hamburgers, so if you want to break into this market, you will need to buy the right equipment.

Not sure where to start? Below we give some advice on what kitchen equipment you will need for a take-away business.

Chip Dumps Or Fryers

When it comes to take-aways, there will almost always be a call for “hot chips” to be served as a side. If you will be including chips in your menu, then you will need a chip dump or a chip fryer. This will allow you to cook fresh, hot chips for every order and keep your kitchen operating smoothly. These machines do not use a large amount of electricity so you can have them running regularly, but you will need to change the cooking oil for new orders so that nobody becomes ill from the food.

Bain Marie

If you will be cooking food in bulk orders, such as curries or even stews, the kitchen equipment you will need is a bain marie. A bain marie allows you to keep food warm for when you need it most and can be highly useful for those times when you have to serve multiple orders of the same dish. Bain Maries are essential for take-away businesses that serve hot food that is not made to order and can help to keep your kitchen operating even when you are slammed with orders.


A gas or electric fryer is an essential piece of kitchen equipment for a take-away business. The type of fryer you choose will depend on your take-away business premises and connections. Gas fryers can help you to save on electricity but you will need to have a well-ventilated kitchen to cook in when using a gas canister. Electric fryers can be used in most commercial kitchens and are easily used by everyone there. Fryers are not just for junk food, either, and can be used for gourmet creations, too.

Food Display Warmers

One of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment for a take-away business is a food display warmer. You can keep your ready-made snacks warm and fresh, while also keeping them on display for customers to see. This is extremely useful for pies and pastries, as well as snacks for on-the-go. Keeping take-away meals warm is vital to the success of your business as this is the major draw for consumers: delicious, hot, ready-made food at an affordable price. Keep your food display warmers clean and hygienic at all times.

Novelty Equipment

Popular take-away treats are milkshakes and ice-creams, so having this kitchen equipment can help to set your take-away business apart from the rest. You could opt for a double-head milkshake machine so that you can make more than one at once, keeping your speedy pace and customer satisfaction levels high. Ice-cream machines allow you to offer a little something extra to your customers. You could also look into a pancake machine if you want to offer quick, tasty desserts.

Fast Food For Fast Times

Opening a take-away business can help you to bring in some extra money, but you will need the right kitchen equipment for the job. You will need chip dumps or chip fryers, bain maries to keep food warm, food display warmers to entice your customers, and some fun novelty equipment for those little extras.

If you would like to start your own take-away business, or add to what you already have, feel free to contact Cater Wize today for more information.