Beef mince and ground beef provide an economical source of protein for consumers that can be used in several recipes. It’s a flexible product that can be made into burger patties, steak, pizza & meatballs.  As well as South African culinary favourites such as bobotie.

Grinding up beef also allows producers to use additives to make affordable products.  Such as ground beef for consumers who wouldn’t be able to afford raw mince.

From an environmental perspective, grinding meat trimmings is a responsible and sustainable way to get the most out of each animal carcass.

We have a series of meat mincers that are ideal for the smaller butcher shop.  Those that need to process trimmings as they are produced or make a batch of freshly minced meat to sell. By grinding meat in-store instead of selling prepacked minced meat products, butchers can

  • create raw mince with lean/fat ratios customised for the preference of customers in their neighbourhood and
  • reduce waste by reprocessing trimmings and

At CaterWize our meat mincers are specially selected to provide the right amount of working power that neighbourhood retail will need. The entry-level Meat Mincer 12 comes with a 0.8 kW motor and is ideal for outlets that process 1 to 2 carcasses per day. Our Meat Mincer 32 meat grinder will suit outlets that process meat in bulk.