Drying meat is a common method of meat preservation around the world. Drying removes moisture from meat so that microorganisms are starved.  This allows meat products to be stored at room temperature without being spoiled. However, for South Africans, dried meat in the form of biltong survived its practical origins. It is now set to become the country’s most iconic snack. 

Braai and biltong are perhaps the foodstuffs that deserve a special place in South Africans’ heart, due to their rainbow origins. In pre-colonial and colonial times, indigenous groups like the Khoisan and European settlers roamed South Africa.  They could not afford to waste anything from animals. The Khoisan’s methods of fire roasting and drying meat came in handy. These were soon complemented with the cooking style of slaves who added herbs and spices. 

We take our part in continuing our nations biltong eating legacy very seriously by supplying high-quality equipment for small and medium-sized biltong producers. Our lineup includes stainless steel meat slicers, biltong cutters and sausage fillers for dry wors. 

Even as we remain locked in an ongoing struggle to find a national identity based on equality and justice, our love for a braai and biltong binds us together in a shared search for comfort and communion.