If you are selling meat to budget-sensitive consumers, tenderizing more affordable cuts allows you to sell meat they can easily turn to juicy and tender meals. Our MT-37 Manual Meat Tenderizer is a must-have for butchers and meat producers that sell meat to less affluent consumers. It breaks down tough meat tissue that will make it easier to chew when cooked and more absorbent of spices and marinades 

The  MT-37 manual meat tenderizer is equipped with a stainless steel dual blade assembly that effectively slices through connective tissues without tearing the meat. The two steel combs ensure that meat glides through without tearing or jamming

Another nice feature is the ergonomically designed handle that combats hand fatigue and boosts operator productivity. The handle will fit snugly into your hand so that it does not move around as you are working 

Safety is taken care of with a stainless steel guard cap that sits over the blade system. It prevents fingers from coming into contact with the blades, but it unscrews easily for cleaning. 

We are unashamed champions of small businesses interest, and supplying this machine is one way we want to stop you from losing customers who struggle through tough, chewy suppers. Save your clients time by tenderizing meat with the  MT-37 that would otherwise require long slow cooking.