Dough Mixers or spiral mixers as they are otherwise known are a great way to make your life easier in the kitchen.   A dough mixer is usually used for industrial purposes, however it has amazing household uses too.

Nowadays alot more people have started a new business, baking bread, pizzas, pastries and all sorts of yumminess to bring in extra cash. A spiral mixer (the other name it is commonly known as) is there to make the mixing process of flour and liquid alot faster and easier.  

Faster and Less Arm work

If you have ever made bread before you know that kneading can be quite a tough process. If you don’t have strong arms or the time to knead away, then we highly recommend a mixer to get it done faster. Perhaps you own a bakery and pumping out different types of bread, mixing by hand can be a long and tiring process. Generally, kneading dough can take a minimum of 10 minutes by hand, where using a dough mixer you can literally cut the time in half.   The consistency is even and your ingredients will be mixed together nicely. 

Different sizes

Dough mixers range from 20L to 50L, depending on how much mixing you plan on doing, will determine the size that will work for you. Mixer tip — Although you may purchase a 20L dough mixer, it does not mean that 20L of dough will fit in the mixer. You need to consider the amount of dry and wet ingredients that are needed. You can bank on around 8 – 10L of actual dough for a 20L mixer.

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