A funfair is a lively and exciting event, a place where people can relax and enjoy thrilling rides and delicious food. The food is often the highlight of the event for many people, but can be a difficult feat to achieve for those who are catering to the event. You need to have the right catering equipment for the job, but if you are new to the funfair scene, you might not know exactly what that is. 

When you are considering catering equipment for a funfair, there are important aspects to consider. You will need to think about what food you will be serving, as this will have a direct impact on what catering equipment you will need, and you will need to know what power source you will have. These are only a few elements that you will need to consider when you are catering for a funfair. 


Super Savoury Food


In South Africa, one of our favourite pastimes is to have a barbecue or a “braai”, and this is especially true of events like funfairs or markets. If you will be serving savoury food, such as hamburgers or steak rolls, you will need to have a gas griller or an electric griller to cook your food on to ensure it can be served hot and ready to be eaten. 

If you have access to an electrical outlet at the funfair, you could invest in a hot dog grill, which can easily grill a large volume of hot dogs at once for efficient service, or you could use an electric deep fryer for frying delicious hot chips and other snacks. Funfairs can usually last for hours at a time, so having a chafing dish will help to keep your food hot for when you need it. 


Sweet And Sugary Treats


Funfairs are the ideal activity for families, which often means there will be a large number of children in attendance…and this means that they will be clamouring for tasty sweet treats. If you will be serving sweet food at the event, you will need catering equipment such as ice cream machines, popcorn machines, and waffle makers. 

This equipment will usually need an electrical outlet to function correctly, so be sure that you have access ot this before signing up to cater for the funfair. If you only have access to gas and are selling sweet foods, you could opt for a gas deep fryer for frying up hot, fresh doughnuts or you could use a gas griddle to cook light and fluffy pancakes on. 


Keep Them Caffeinated


An important piece of catering equipment for any event is the urn or water boiler. This is especially useful if the funfair will be taking place in the chillier months, when people usually drink hot drinks. An electric urn will need an outlet to work properly, so be sure to ascertain whether or not you will have access to electricity at your stand. 

You will need to ensure that you have a ready supply of water for your urn, so that you do not run out of water before the end of the funfair, which could result in a loss of money for your stand. You could also offer iced coffee by investing in a slush machine and filling it with an iced coffee drink mix if the event is taking place during the warmer months. 


Turn Up With Tables


If your food is better eaten while sitting down, then the next piece of catering equipment you will need will be stainless steel tables. These tables can easily be folded up at the end of your day at the funfair and can be set up in the morning when you are ready for business. Having a designated seating area can also help people at the fair to sit and relax a while when eating. 

You will need to be sure that your designated stand area can have tables and chairs set up without encroaching on the space of other vendors. If this is the case, invest in one or two small table and chair sets for people to use. Stainless steel tables should be kept out of the elements in order to maintain their functionality. 


Remember To Have Fun


Catering for a funfair might sound like a stressful experience, but if you have the right catering equipment to use, it can be fun and rewarding. Think about the type of food you will be serving so that you can choose the right equipment, and provide seating for your customers, if possible, to encourage them to sit down and enjoy the tasty treats you are offering. 

If you are preparing to cater for a funfair or sell food at an event, contact Caterwize today to find out what catering equipment we can offer you.