.It’s impossible to differentiate between the same food cooked in a gas fryer compared with an electric fryer. The main difference will be the appearance and colour of the food produced, rather than the actual flavour. Take note however that gas fryers tend to accumulate sticky carbon deposits that can affect the quality of the oil. This causes no problem at all if the equipment is cleaned regularly.  As a rule of thumb, oil should not be used more than 5 times, and it should be filtered after every usage. Choosing a fryer can be easy if you know what to look for.

Gas vs Electric Fryers

Gas lags behind electric when it comes to heating and recovery speeds. This is because the heating elements sit in the oil with electric fryers, while gas burners sit on the outside. The less time it takes to heat the oil, the less energy consumed.

A good benchmark to use when deciding between a gas or an electric fryer is the utility price of each option. Despite rapidly rising electricity prices, the cost of electricity is still lower than that of LP gas as of July 2020. 

A durable fryer, gas or electric, sits at the heart of any commercial kitchen. An important factor to consider when making a purchasing decision between the two is the usage rate. Light-duty fryers are best suited for low volume use.  Medium-duty fryers serve their purpose adequately for frequent use and consistent performance. For those focusing on large-scale fried food preparation, a heavy-duty fryer is the best choice. 

Different Models Available

Many gas fryers have floor models with higher capacities than their electric counterparts, making mass production more efficient. The installation, maintenance and repair processes associated with gas fryers, however, tends to be the more technical of the two. Strict safety regulations must also be adhered to regarding the gas pipes and connections. Gas fryers can be a very handy possibility during power outages as cooking will not be interrupted. 

Electric fryers, on the other hand, come in countertop and drop-in models.  Easily connected to any electrical outlet and used at once. Electrical models are ideal for smaller kitchens where space needs to be maximized. Although electric models may be easier to install, it may require a generator as an additional purchase if power outages are frequent in your area. 

An important feature of any fryer is the cold zone. A cold zone is the section where food particles and remaining sediment collects. Electric and gas fryers cold zones vary in design. This area, found at the bottom of the fry pot, provides intentionally cooler oil temperatures which these particles sink into. This significantly decreases the chance of continued cooking or burning.  It can ultimately determine the lifespan of the current batch of oil being used. 

Think about your specific needs, whether that be for a restaurant, catering business, take away outlet, or food stall: An informed fryer purchase could increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your kitchen. 

At CaterWize we offer both gas and electric cooking equipment across our catalogue. We know that the flame powered cooktop carries deep attachments for cooks. After all, the flames are what makes cooking fun and visceral.