With summer approaching and warmer weather approaching, so will the demand for fresh products at your retail location. This includes shelf-stable staples such as nutrition bars and baby food. In this short article, we guide you through optimising your refrigeration layout so that you can effectively merchandise fresh products in the post covid outdoor boom. 

In a traditional setup,  refrigerators and freezers have been restricted to the back or centre of the store where electrical connections can accommodate higher powered electrical hookups and where waste heat generated by fridges can escape. 

However, our retail appliance specialists helped retailers to plan layouts so that they can merchandise refrigerated products anywhere in the store and unlock new revenue opportunities. This is made possible by the smaller units in our range that do not put off as much waste heat and, therefore, can be placed more easily throughout the store. 

For example, the smart placement of a  single door upright freezer allows you to place together items that often are consumed at the same time, such as refrigerated dips and chips, or even frozen hamburgers and oven bake chips. Using this concept, retailers can increase sales of selected frozen items by up to 64%!

If you want to be the first out of the starting block to welcome back shoppers after the national vaccine drive, you can count on us to help you create a convenient space for healthier, fresh, on-the-go items. You can give us a call or check out our online catalogue with our wide range of retail refrigeration options