If you have been complimented on how delicious your cupcakes are, or how tasty your homemade bread is, you have likely thought about starting a baking business from your home. You spend so much time in the kitchen anyway and have all of the right equipment like premier dough mixers and cake mixers, that it is only natural to want to spread your delicious delights to a wider audience.

You should invest in dough mixers and other professional catering equipment for your home bakery so that you can keep up with industry standards. You will need to have a business plan in place to help guide your baking business, and you will need to differentiate yourself from the other home baking businesses. Below we give some top tips on how to start a baking business from home.

Start Planning

The most important step to creating any home business is to have a business plan in place. This plan should include any equipment you might need, such as dough mixers, cake mixers, and dough rollers. Your business plan should also include the pricing for every product you make and the cost of ingredients, to show how you will make a profit. You will also need to factor in electricity and water use, as your home utility bills will increase once you start your baking business in earnest.  Don’t forget to include your marketing plan and budget here, too.

Decide On A Menu

After creating a thorough plan, you will need to think about what type of baked goods you want to create. For example, you might prefer making breads and pastries with your dough mixers, so you can create a more savoury menu that focuses on breads and pies. Alternatively, you might enjoy the creativity that comes with making cakes and cupcakes, and so can focus your energy on baking beautifully decorated creations. Your menu should make you stand-out from the crowds and should be easily achievable.

All About Equipment

One of the most important parts of starting a baking business from home is to have the right equipment. You will need to invest in dough mixers and cake mixers, as well as an industrial or catering-standard oven so that your bakes come out perfectly every time. If you have a large order come in and you do not have the right equipment to fulfill it, you may lose out on the order. Having industry-standard baking equipment will also help to ensure that you can operate smoothly and finish your work on time, with delicious results.

Pick The Right Ingredients

While you do not need to aim to become a Michelin starred home baker, you should always have the best ingredients available for your bakes. Look at what catering product wholesalers are in your area and purchase from them; their prices might be more affordable and you might have access to higher quality products. You may find doppio zero flour (an Italian flour that is finely ground and that has a lower gluten content) for your breads or you could look for farm-fresh eggs for your meringues.

Look At Legalities

Starting a baking business from home is exciting, but you will need to be sure you meet all of the legal requirements, too. You will need to register as an SMME and make sure that your kitchen meets all of the regulations set out by the food safety and business operations legislation. You will need the correct insurance and permits too, which might sound time-consuming but it is best to have everything settled before you start baking and selling.

Bake Away

Starting a baking business from home can help to bring in extra income, but you must be prepared to put in the work. Start with a plan and make sure you have all of the right legal permits in place. You will need to have the right equipment and products to ensure your menu is a success, and remember to do sme online and print marketing, too.

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